Each painting is a search for aptness. My work solves self-imposed compositional challenges. Its almost like building structure where marks and shapes are laid one on top of the other or nearby. If a mark or shape doesn’t sit right I paint it over or scrape it off like the palimpsest. A call and response exercise.
I am a raconteur, reading marks and responding. This is an ongoing process of defining non-objective shapes activating a dialogue.
I think of the viewer as a painter in the dynamic, a party in the conversation.
Acrylic on Canvas, 2017
On occasion, I find myself opening discarded books and magazines in antique shops and flea markets. These are some of my resources for a series of collage/drawings I entitle, Later State Series. Later State is a book collecting term referring to a later run of a first edition book distinguished by a change in the binding or text. In the Later State Series, I focus on subjects about socially transmitted beliefs, widely repeated cultural themes and mores, which intrigue me.
While mixing the mid-century collage elements with book paper appropriated from these discarded vintage books, I personalize the collage process with drawing seeking to harmonize through the pairing of dissimilar elements; a discovering and deconstruction process. When an image becomes of interest to me, I attempt to challenge the significance of the image testing its symbolic and cultural references. I find this process can set forth its own language, visual or textual. The process of finding my way into the collage is exciting to me and in this process I hope to challenge tradition with individual pictorial language.
The Girl Wrestling series evolved from research and working with mid-century “girl” wrestler imagery in unison with the collage process described above. The term evokes a perceived yet subtle anxiety about women in general that has manifested from the women’s suffrage movement through today. I am interested in examining this anxiety.
Never too much
Collage and drawing on Paper, 2017
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