My paintings and mixed media pieces offer hints at humanity translated through persistent, abstract shapes. Living and working in Tacoma, WA near Seattle, painting is a search for form and how to make forms with an element of surprise becalming the inexplicable, urgent and awkward.
With a keen interest in process, particularly the process of exploring the space between intuition and conscious realization, I am more focused on shape, line and composition than with color—a type of drawing with paint. The continuous stream of decisions while making a painting or mixed media piece include painting and repainting unrelated elements which become reconfigured.  Starting with some faint thread from previous work, memory is at play.
I start the abstractions with drawings based on women wrestler documentation from mid-century. Using simple line work, balancing the line with the white space helps to energize my compositions. My mixed media work is composed on smooth Bristol paper which helps energize drawing elements and ultimately how the paintings are executed. Taking that imagery into painting adds a layer of challenges and nuances. Throwing off decorousness, there exists a dialogue with paintings previously made but with some hopping around. The canvases force a close look.
Fighting Chance, Acrylic on Canvas, 2017
Mid-Carder, Acrylic on Canvas, 2017
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