Lita Kenyon’s barren collages offer strange glimpses of humanity. Their energy is still, as if they are set in a moment just before an event is about to take place. Pencil marks and detached phrases create an air of mystery around the characters she hints at. In A Nameless Something is Always Wanting, the serious man – with just a hint of a smirk – becomes the focus of the viewer’s attention. The circled numbers below link him to a position of authority, maybe an intellectual or professorial type as the torn pieces of paper mark the rhythm of the piece. -- Ariane Fairlie
Kenyon’s Skin and Blister was featured on the back cover of Issue 11 of Kolaj Magazine. Ariane Fairlie wrote about her in an Artist Portfolio, which also appeared in Issue 11.

A Nameless Something is Always Wanting, collage on paper, 2013

Skin and Blister, collage and pencil drawing on paper, 2014

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